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lol who let this idiot onto the forums
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     Hello,   Today we are releasing the first part of the 1.17 update. This update contains multiple amazing new menus, features, bug fixes, and quality of life changes. We are also recapping a ton of minor changes made to the server in the last few months. As well we released a rules update recently, feel free to read it HERE.   Voting Streaks RevampedWe have completely rewrote our voting streaks, now every 10 days you will recieve exclusive loot! As well every 30 days you recieve 1 month of Aero✚, streaks end at 110 Days but the ✚ subcription remains. To access this menu find the voting chest at spawn, or use the help menu.   Previous ChangesOver the last 3+ months the updates have been releasing changes as we make them instead of waiting for a large release, we feel this brings the content more efficiently. The settings menu, chat event rewritten, over 200 new death messages, the long awaited finish of leaderboards menu, and hundreds of small updates are released on our discord under the '#┃📬changelog' channel. 
6 months ago

As of yesterday, the rules have been changed. Included is a restriction on sexual content in chat. 
8 months ago

    ★ Information ★  Today we are releasing the second build competition information including the theme options, and plot size. The warp will be available on 4/9/21 and registration will end the same day. The last day to build will be 4/27/21, which is a year after the server opened. We will announce the winners in the same day building ends. You can still sign up here. Every team will receive a plot (51x51) ✦ Prizes ✦(We are reusing same prize pictures from first build comp, but there will not be a sandstone head. We are unaware what the theme will be, as the community still needs to vote but that head will be related to which theme wins)   ■  First Place   ■ Second Place   ■ Third Place   ■ Just For Joining
9 months ago

The following list contains a lot of examples of allowed mods in the server. In general, similar mods are allowed but it is recommended you ask a member of staff before using any mod which does not appear on this list.We cannot review every version of every modification, so be aware all use of mods on Aero Survival is at your own risk.Staff members have the final say over which mods are and aren't allowed on the network.Chat Mods (Allowed)5ZigTabbyChatAutoChat / AutoTextVoicechat modsChatTranslatorAntiRageChat TimeCustomFilterSoundsCustom chat backgroundsAnimated ChatUtility Mods (Allowed)OptifineSodiumToggle sneakToggle sprintBetter sprinting modGamma/Brightness modsAutorespawnMinimapsWaypointsSchematicaBetterPVPModHealth/Damage indicatorsArmor Status HUDDirection HUDEffect Status5ZigReplay modKeystrokesCustom CrosshairBatty's CoordinatesPerspective modFreelook modUtility Mods (Blacklisted)FreeCamInventory Tweaks / Mouse TweaksMouse Wheelie modLagGogglesBaritoneVanity Mods (Allowed)Mo' BendsMoreParticlesShadersCape modsResource packsItemPhysics1.7 animationsVanity Mods (Blacklisted)X-ray resource packsSkin blinker modsDerp modsMore Players ModelsClients (Allowed)Badlion ClientLabymodPixelclientHyperiumBatmodAZ clientCosmic clientPvPLoungeLunar ClientVivecraftClients (Blacklisted)J3UltimateCheatBreakerClients with cheat modules, even if you don't use themIf you are unsure if a mod is allowed, ask a member of staff before using it. Ignorance of the rules is not a valid excuse for violating them.​
9 months ago

      Hello,   We have not updated the ranks since they were released so we have focused our energy on multiple new donor options as well as revamping the whole rank menu, and giving more lower ranks more permissions. In this update, we have also included a long-awaited chat events update, more custom warps, and bug fixes.   The rank menu has been completely redesigned, we have removed the 'Access To /Hat' perk because it has been a default visitor perk forever. There are also two new ranks Patron, and Plus(Subscription). Fusion rewards have been announced and will be announcing Legacy rewards on 4/27/20(Aero Survival Birthday).   We have lowered the vote rank requirement for multiple permissions and added a special tab color line for every rank that has a tab color.      ✚ Plus Rank ✚   Aero✚ is $8 per month, it was designed for users who can't afford the high tier ranks but still want the perks. This is a subscription rank which means after 30days the rank will be removed if you do not resubscribe. At this time we have not been able to set up a prepay for a multiple-month purchase.      Plus Rerks:    ■ Unlimited Sethomes    ■ Color On Signs    ■ Color In Chat    ■ Color In Anvils    ■ Access To /Nick    ■ Access To /Spit    ■ Unique Tab Color    ■ ✚ Emoji On Tab    ■ Aero✚ Chat Hover Title    ■ '+' Rank/Name Divider    ■ Monthly Plus Exclusive Pack    ■ Priority Joining        In this update we have also updated many locations around spawn, adding a new permanent leaderboard, upgrading the spawn tree platform and finally releasing the in-spawn pvp arena! Your armor will not take damage inside of the arena. Aswell we are testing out new leaderboard colors with the Chat Event leaderboard, depending on community feedback it might stay.        We have also dealt with all known bugs reported on the forums and multiple unreported issues.   Bugs Fixed:    ■ Join Pling (wasn't triggering)    ■ Help Menu Displayed 1.14.4(we are on 1.16.4)    ■ Updated Ram In Help Menu       Thank you Cbblestone for writing the config for the new death messages!   He added 25+ New death messages!Note: Due to timing issues, the chat event update will take a few more days to finish but we will make another announcement when they have been brought back.   This post will be locked in 72 Hours, please leave any feedback on the update before then. 
10 months ago