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lol who let this idiot onto the forums
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       👻 Hello,  Today we are releasing all of our new Halloween related content! This update is for a limited time and will be removed on November 7th. This update adds two cosmetic packages to the shop as well as a headhunt around the new Halloween spawn for a unique item.      🕯 Halloween 🕯   We have updated the whole server spawn to be Halloween related, inside of spawn we have also added a pumpkin headhunt! This update will only be here until November 9th so enjoy it while it's here!   Updates:    ■ Halloween Spawn    ■ Pumpkin Head Hunt    ■ Halloween Villager    ■ Opened Two Warps    ■ Custom Player Warps    ■ ChatEvent Bug Fixes    ■ Packs Available In Store        🎒 Packs 🎒  We have released packs into the store, packs can come with almost anything inside of them from Cosmetics, Rares, Claimblocks, and Items. We have released two limited editions Halloween related packs and three permanent packs.   Available Packs:    ■ Claimblocks Pack     (2.50)    ■ Ultra Claimblocks Pack     (6.50)    ■ Survivalist Pack     ($6.50)    ■ Scary Movie Pack     (3.50)    ■ Halloween Pack     (3.50)   We have opened 2 new warps today:   New Available Warps:    ■ Roofed Forest    ■ Mega Taiga    ■ New Player Custom WarpsNote: The Pumpkin Hunt Doesn't Open Until Halloween Day (10/24/20)
1 day ago

locked, this is a shitpost
10 days ago

If you get a few shops and members with housing I could add a custom player warp!
12 days ago

14 days ago

Overdue thread lock. 
15 days ago