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yes it smells bad in this fokin place m8
11 days ago

lol who let this idiot onto the forums
About 1 month ago

u smell so bad.
14 days ago

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I've already said multiple times before Ill never add a music bot. We arent a disco if you want to listen to music get spotify. 
9 days ago

        🥳 Hello,     Today we are releasing all of the new cosmetic changes we have been working on for the past few weeks, none of these changes should majorly affect the server gameplay, and are simply for cosmetic and fun purposes.          ◄ Extra Events ►   We have expanded the Chat Events from     New Events:    ■ 18 New Block Races    ■ 20 New Chat Races    ■ 10 New Craft Races    ■ Reduced All Fish Races    ■ 17 New Food Races    ■ 18 New Unscramble Events            ★ New Features ★   In this update we have added a lot of new quality of life changes, these are minimal but can come helpful. Most of these were added due to suggestions, if you have a unique idea submit it _here_.    New Features:    ■ Chorus Fruit Villager    ■ Added Guardian Spawner     ■ Creeper Explosion Firework    ■ Added Combat Snowballs And Eggs     ■ Spawn Crops Auto Replant     
15 days ago

Thread Locked. Please don't spam posts when you can edit, as well as comment on your original post.
22 days ago

RileyFS:i think they're an effective way to advertise, and someone not liking the sound is their problem.  if you don't like the wither sound, dont go near it.   My main concern is the ones near spawn, I could care less what people do in there claims at warps
24 days ago

Players are putting these withers up, as advertisements but the sounds of the wither can be very annoying. I propose a new rule that would make it so you can not spawn a wither within 200 blocks of any given warp. If enough people support this proposal it will be implemented by Christmas.
24 days ago