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     ✦  Rollercoaster Build Competition  ✦   Yes, after a long time of no building competitions, they are finally back! The theme will be very different to last time and will allow you to show off your aesthetic skills, design a cool track and you could even encorporate redstone!   You can enter the build competition as a solo competitor or in a team with a 2 player maximum. On March, 13th we will release the building plots with pre divided and organized plots and you can sign up from the releasing of this post.   To sign up. post your team size and IGNs in the comments of this post. The absolute deadline for finishing builds will be the 14th May in time for Minecraft's anniversary.         ★ Information ★  Today we are releasing the rest of the build competitions information including the theme, and plot size.The build competition theme will be Roller Coasters. Every team will receive a plot (39x39 or 79x39 depending on preference), yes we listened to your feedback and made it an odd number for symetry. Kudos for doing some interesting stuff with the minecart 😁. Please start your coaster at the red square (which can be removed but please ensure your minecart can start from there) and end at the pink. We intend to link them all together so this will make it much easier to do so. ✦ Prizes ✦  If you are in a team, both team members will receive 1x of the prize. If you are solo, you will receive 2x of the prize. All podium positions also receive participation award.  All tools are unbreakable.   ■  First Place Masterbuilder's tool set Conductor's helmet Old Train (head) 2 stacks of experience bottles Emerald Chalice    ■ Second Place Unbreakable diamond tool set 1.5 stacks of experience bottles Diamond Chalice      ■ Third Place Unbreakable iron tool set 48 experience bottles Golden Chalice    ■ Just For Joining Train engine (head) Train carriage - red (head) Train carriage - orange (head) 32 experience bottles Bronze Chalice
4 months ago

Today we release the Aero Survival Boat Racing Championship. A test of skill, agility and fast thinking, this championship will be open to all drivers of any abilities who will be able to join Constructors' teams to achieve victory at both individual Grand Prixs and the main event which will run through 2021 and the start of 2022.      Rules are as follows:   GENERAL PRINCIPLES :   1.1 - Label of Championship  Aero Survival Boat Race Championship   1.1.1 - General Information The ASBRC (the Championship) which is the property of the Aero Survival Server and Staff comprises two titles of World Champion, one for drivers and one for constructors. It consists of the BRC races which are included in the Aero Survival Boat Race calendar. All the participating players undertake to apply as well as observe the rules governing the Championship and although are not required to join a manufacturer, should do so to gain constructor championship points.   1.1.2 - Constructors’ and Drivers’ General Information   Constructors can sign up to join the competition by contacting any of the relevant parties including but not limited to Mercy and RedstoneBurnout. Constructors will be able to enter official drivers to represent them at each venue, the points being issued to both the drivers and the constructors. Drivers who are part of an official constructor team may race privately for races if the two official positions have already been entered. They will be issued drivers’ championship points accordingly but the constructor will not be awarded. A driver may only race for one team but can move to another, provided the points they contributed to their original team are removed. 1.2.1 - Grand Prix Point Allocation   Points for the Grand Prix will be awarded at each Competition according to the following scale: 1st : 25 points 2nd : 18 points 3rd : 15 points 4th : 12 points 5th : 10 points 6th : 8 points 7th : 6 points 8th : 4 points 9th : 2 points 1.2.2 - Qualifying Point Allocation   Points for Qualifying will be awarded at each Competition according to the following scale: 1st : 15 points 2nd : 12 points 3rd : 9 points 4th : 6 points 5th : 3 points 6th : 1 point 7th : 1 point 8th : 1 point 9th : 1 point   1.3 - Event Timings   1.3.1 - Event Practise and Qualifying Timings   Practise sessions will be held for those who wish to participate; these sessions can be accessed by the button located at the spawn point in the race venue. Practise sessions will run from at least a week before the event until three days before when qualifying will start. Practise sessions are advised to ensure fast qualifying lap times but are not compulsory for participation.    1.3.2 - Grand Prix Race Timings The main event at each track will be held on a weekend. Two separate races will be ran on a race weekend for those in different timezones. They will be spread out as much as possible and timings will be released prior to the event taking place.   1.4.1 - Race Prizes Prizes for each Grand Prix will be as follows: 1st : 1 x Gold Medal - 2 x Tyre Head - 1 x Cone Head - 64 x Enchantment Bottles 2nd : 1 x Silver Medal - 2 x Tyre Head - 1 x Cone Head - 32 x Enchantment Bottles 3rd : 1 x Bronze Medal - 1 x Tyre Head - 1 x Cone Head - 32 x Enchantment Bottles   Participation : 1 x Tyre Head   1.4.2 - Qualifying Prizes0.   Prizes for each Qualifying session will be as follows: 1st : 2 x Tyres - 2 x Cone Head - 64 x Enchantment Bottles   2nd : 1 x Tyre Head - 1 x Cone Head - 32 x Enchantment Bottles0   3rd : 1 x Tyre Head -  1 x Cone Head - 16 x Enchantment Bottles    Participation : 1 x Cone Head    1.5.1 - Drivers’ Championship Prizes   Prizes for Drivers Championship will be as follows: 1st : 1 x Championship Trophy 30 x Diamond Blocks 15 x Emerald Blocks 1 x Netherite Block 1 x Elytra 1 x Totem of Undying    2nd : 1 x Championship 2nd Place Medal 20 x Diamond Blocks 4 x Netherite Ingots 1 x Totem of Undying    3rd : 1 x Championship 3rd Place Medal 10 x Diamond Blocks 2 x Netherite Ingots 1 x Totem of Undying     1.5.2 - Constructors’ Championship Prizes   Prizes for Constructors Championship will be as follows:  1st : 1 x Constructor Championship Trophy to be displayed at your team HQ   2nd : 1 x Constructor Championship Runner Up Trophy to be displayed at your team HQ   3rd :  1 x Constructor Championship Third Place Trophy to be displayed at your team HQ     1.6.1 - Joining the Championship as a Driver   To join the championship as a driver the only requirement is to turn up to a race. Your points will be recorded by ASBRC staff for you and you may join a team to enter the constructors championship.   1.6.2 - Creating a Constructor Team   To create a team, contact the appropriate staff to be assigned an info channel in the Aero Survival Discord. You must give a list of drivers and will then be able to give information in the channel. It is advised you set up a Headquarters for your team near a public warp.    
7 months ago

This weekend, we announce the opening of Monza Race Track on the Aero Survival server - from a special warp at spawn, a 1:1 scale ice track can be used for practise laps before the big race on the 20th of November. The infamous track features sharp hairpins, sweeping bends and fast straigjts and wide roads make for easy and competitive overtaking throughout the 5 lap race.  Practise has already started as this announcement goes out and can be initiated by using the button at the Monza Commentator building. Practise laps will be essential to learning the complex track including where to hit apexes and begin turning into corners but will not offer an award.  Qualifying will start on the 17th when the leaderboard will be wiped and 3 days of official qualifying times will commence. Prizes will be issued not just for 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the actual race day but also for 1st and 2nd fastest qualifying times so if you are unable to attend the race you can still recieve a prize. In the race, a reverse grid will be activated putting the fastest drivers at the back to make their race more challenging as they have to overtake other drivers. After the 5 lap race, a screenshot will be taken at the podium and prizes will be awarded so make sure to stay for the screenshot to redeem the prize.  Prizes are as follows: 1st: 1 x Gold Medal 8 x Tyre Head 2 x Cone Head 64 x Enchantment Bottles 8 x Diamond Blocks 2nd: 1 x Silver Medal 6 x Tyre Head 2 x Cone Head 32 x Enchantment Bottles 4 x Diamond Blocks 3rd: 1 x Bronze Medal 4 x Tyre Head 2 x Cone Head 32 x Enchantment Bottles 2 x Diamond Block Race Participation: 2 x Tyre Head 1 x Cone Head 16 x Enchantment Bottles Fastest Qualifying Lap: 4 x Tyres 3 x Cone Head 64 x Enchantment Bottles Second Fastest Qualifying Lap: 2 x Tyre Head 2 x Cone Head 32 x Enchantment Bottles Setting a Qualifying Lap: 2 x Tyre Head 1 x Cone Head Timetable: 12/11/21- Practise Opens 17/11/21- Qualifying Opens 20/11/21 5pm GMT (12pm EST) - Main Race
8 months ago

Everybody has 1 Week from the day of posting to give me items. It can be any item they wish, dirt, stone, rares, a dead bush or any other item they can think of. For each item they give me, no matter what it is, they get one entry into a raffle for 20DB. The catch is for every item they give me that someone else has already given me, they do not get an entry and infact lose one of their other entries. This means if you got me a dead bush which was unique you get one entry but then some stone which someone has also already given me, then they would have 0 votes. Deliver items to me by throwing them into the hopper at Mushroom Warp and messaging a screenshot of you holding the item to me on Discord as you do so. You have until next Thursday.
11 months ago

LeahRaeRae: No. None of this exists. Yeah this is all just a conspiracy, only the mods are in on it.
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