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That requires a lot of changes in plguin logic, like disabling auto-extend-down for specific claims, rewriting search of claim, it is 2D right now, holy macro it will cause a lot of interesting crap, like how to vilualise such claims?
9 days ago

Claiming guildlines Claim everything you build! Better grant /accesstrust public, then complain about claim grifered Don't claim near other's claims, maintain reasonable distance proportional to claim size and surrounding terrain, that is not applicable in places with high claim density like warps, towns and districts. Managers of such places are advised to pre-claim spots and then ether subdivied them or transfer to new owners.  
14 days ago

You can build a lavacast if in claimed area, also don't block other claims borders with it  
14 days ago

Preamble: Staff is face of server, the selection of personnel is a complex and painstaking process, it includes not only compliance with formal criteria, but also a long process of evaluating the personal and professional skills of the applicant, so help us to understand you, so you can understand us! Good luck! Requrements: Age: 15 or more years old Vote rank: Relevant (75 Votes) No punish history Community involved Some requirements can be lowered if outstanding abilities are shown.   Application: In your application provide full and accurate information, frivolous applications will affect any future submissions.Provide following information: Discord username#tag Your age Ingame Voting Rank Any other rank you have (optional) In what ways would you improve The Server? Here provide information about your skills, previous experience, plugins you fimiliar with, abilities you have, describe social skills Why should we pick you over the other Candidates? Here describe your most powerful advantage for being Staff aka. competitive advantage, make your case so we can compare your skills, truthful and full description is valued out of all Any Extra CommentsHere outline your motivation, why you want to join us, how much time you ready to spend on server tasks.   What to expect: After submitting your application wait for response, in general all applications are proceed within 24 hours, however with respect to other factors it can take more time, be sure that you will get response. If you denied application - don't be sad try again in few month. If you accepted - prepare yourself to learn new information, rules, plugins, procedures and deal with interesting world of being server Staff. Apply here:
14 days ago

Best claim management practices I think every one knows how to store valuables and manage resources, but let me summarise most important doctrines. Create separate claim for your valuables, and most important valuables store in Enderchest; Use subclaims to limit your trustees access, trust in main claims only your closest friends; Clearly state what member can take and from where; By trusting someone you imply that player has permission to take and put stuff, use trust wisely; Don't abuse trust you have, enjoy your game-play and help others to enjoy their game; Egregious cases of trust abuse may be considered as Scamming (Rule 8). Wish you have good time on server, however if you have problems with rule-breakers report here (Report form)
14 days ago