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yeah u r cool asf
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bruh im dead
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Im the coolest guy on Aero!
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pi math
about 1 year ago

is this facebook?
about 1 year ago

A helmet with night vision would be cool. I don't know if it is possible or anything, but I think it would be cool for the monthly item shop.
about 1 year ago

Then like impose the full restriction I genuinely don't feel comfortable having kids making sexual jokes around me especially young kids ProfessorZel: Yes, but at the same time, we can't base the rules on the age of the player, if we want to impose restrictions, it will be an absolute rule, with no age exceptions. For being able to swear, we pay cost of every one being able to do so.And i undersatnd that for that purpose we can implement "excessive swearing" rule, but again i want to note, that it is not question of "yonger players", it is general direction. Spoiler Construde of "excessive" Also the intresting question will be the mesure of "excessive", we differ culturaly and by education, and jokes about "mom" may be okay for ones, but for others equal to personal insult. So for that reason implementation of restrictions seems problematic, in my practice i got servers where "ass" is prohibited, and "hell" is considered like terrible lang, so this is rabbit hole to dive inside  
about 1 year ago

I see the value in the swearing allowed rule and I'm all for it, but how the younger kids are speaking is kinda weirding me out. In no way am I saying it shouldn't be in pms among friends, I'm just saying I find it innapropriate and it can be viewed as for lack of a better word sus. I really dont want to see people five or more years younger than me talking like that. I am sure that some of the "senior" players could agree that it is kinda puching the boundary.
about 1 year ago