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I am looking for a group of about 5-7 builders to employ under the GE for larger projects. People need to be good builders and be happy to help with larger builds for decent pay. All builders get provided with a range of materials to help you to complete builds.   Current WIP Projects: Mushroom Warp Militarisation Christmas Town Player Accomodation Factories      More upcoming!   If you are interested, please either comment below or contact me on discord (@RedstoneBurnout#3954) Thanks
16 days ago

I would be happy to remove my ones which aren't at the muhsroom mall voluntarily if everyone would prefer that
24 days ago

LeahRaeRae:Wait. So if someone places a spawner Uni will pick it up and give it back to you? That dont sound right. I find spawners and can't have them picked up and moved. It's only placeable spawners which you have already placed which can be picked up and only by uni bc he is owner
26 days ago

I am looking to buy as many placeable spawners as possible for an upcoming project. I am willing to negotiate good prices for both parties (I have a lot of capital) and I should point out if you have already placed your placeable spawners, Uni can pick it up for you so it can be reused. Thanks
26 days ago full stop
28 days ago


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