Info 2021 Build Competition
Started by Unipotatoo

     ✦ Build Competition  ✦

  Yes, it's finally here! After multiple requests for an administrative ran building event, we are happy to announce we will be hosting a public building competition run by Unipotatoo. 

  You can enter the build competition as a solo competitor or in a team with a 2player maximum. You can sign up to be in the competition until 1/20/21. On January, 20th we will release the building plots with pre divided and organized plots.

  To sign up visit here and select your team size, and team ign's. 

    ★ Information ★
  Today we are releasing the rest of the build competitions information including the theme, and plot size. The warp will be available on 1/20/21 and registration will end the same day.
As shown above, in the screenshot the build competition theme will be Sand Castle. 

Every team will receive a plot (50x50)

  If you are in a team, both team members will receive 1x of the prize. If you are solo, you will receive 2x of the prize.
  All tools are unbreakable.
   ■  First Place

   ■ Second Place

   ■ Third Place

   ■ Just For Joining

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