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Started by Unipotatoo

     ✌️ Hello,

  To start off the new year we thought it was appropriate to give the server a nice refresh! We have updated multiple spawn locations making it more accessible and easy to navigate for new users, we have also removed a few useless and unimportant locations inside of spawn. This post will be open to replies for 72 hours, please leave any feedback on this update within 3 days.


     ★ Vote Based Giveaway ★

  We are hosting our third giveaway! There will be three winners

  Each user will get to pick one of these prizes.

  Available Prizes:

   ■ Turbo Rank

   ■ +21 Votes To Total Vote Count.

   ■ Unbreakable Iron (or) Unbreaking 8 Diamond Tool Set.


   To help promote the servers vote rewards, and vote streaks this giveaway will be based on your votes in January! To enter the giveaway you must reach 80/91+ votes this month. Good Luck!

   If you have a vote streak of 21 or higher at the end of the month (1/31/21) you will receive a second entry into the giveaway. 

     ✦ Build Competition  ✦

  Yes, it's finally here! After multiple requests for an administrative ran building event, we are happy to announce we will be hosting a public building competition run by Unipotatoo. 

  You can enter the build competition as a solo competitor or in a team with a 2player maximum. You can sign up to be in the competition until 1/20/21. On January, 20th we will release the building plots with pre divided and organized plots. The building theme, plot size, and winner prizes will be released on January, 10th.

  To sign up visit here and select your team size, and team ign's. 


     ★ Other Changes ★

  We have updated the monthly spawner to Phantom, and the monthly shop has been updated. We have also updated multiple locations inside of spawn and have removed a few random rooms/locations around spawn. As well all reported bugs have been fixed.

   Other Updates:

   ■ Added Spawn Pvp Cave

   ■ Updated Castle Courtyard

   ■ Updated Colosseum


  We have moved every villager shop, they are all now located inside of the colosseum. We have removed Mark(Crop Shop) and Harold (Cosmetic Shop) they may return in the near future but for now, they are not available.

  Available Shops:

   ■ Tools Shop

   ■ Exchange Shop

   ■ Egg Shop

   ■ Combat Shop

   ■ General Shop

   ■ Exchange Shop

   ■ Monthly Shop (UPDATED)


  We have opened 2 new warps today:

  New Available Warps:

   ■ Savanna

   ■ Forest


   The new Hero rank rewards have been released in the ranks menu. 


  We have also dealt with all known bugs reported on the forums and multiple unreported cosmetic issues.

  Bugs Fixed:

   ■ Removed 1.16 Nether reset warning from Warps menu

   ■ Fixed Error Votes in the welcome message

   ■ Chat Event "Who Owns Aero Survival" Owner IGN Updated


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About 1 year ago

Whats the owner ign name now? Unipotatoo? 


Also, has fly been removed from spawn?

When do the new Redstone rules start?

About 1 year ago