Important Aero Survival Rules
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1 - Use Of Illegal Clients Or Modifications
Any client/mod that provides a distinct, gameplay-changing advantage is illegal. The use of illegal clients or mods is strictly prohibited.
Mods like kill aura, anti-knockback, x-rays(Including Texture Packs), free cams, maps with player locations, and flight are all examples of illegal mods. Including RegEdit (Editing Registry).
Knowingly working with/having someone use illegal mods for you may result in a ban as well.
Punishment track: 7 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

2 - Advertising / Spamming

Advertising of other servers, social media accounts, or any other good or service is not allowed. Advertisement of videos, channels or streams is allowed but will result in punishment if it is spammed or abused.
Spamming is posting unwanted or unnecessary messages, often repeatedly in a short amount of time, including posting or repeating random strings or symbols, using the same message repeatedly, or asking for free ranks and others.

Punishment track: 3 day mute → 7 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent Mute

3 - Bullying / Trolling (non-material destruction or damage)

Bullying includes insults (even masked ones), harassing other members, and hate speech messages or gaslighting others into becoming angry. Avoid this type of language and keep this a respectful place.
Trolling is intentionally taking an action with the sole purpose of annoying or upsetting another player.

Punishment track: 3 day mute → 10 day mute → 15 day mute → Permanent mute

4 – Griefing (material destruction or damage)

Griefing is chronically causing stress to other members through the use of destruction, construction, or social engineering. Trashing worlds can also be considered griefing. (If you claim the land it's not griefing).  Griefing can take many forms, like killing/injuring players in the wild, breaking crafting tables to steal from others, or intentionally blocking others from building, or expanding claim.

Punishment track: 1 day ban → 14 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

5 - Duping / Bug Abuse

Duping items is defined as illegitimately creating replicas of your items. This will result in a ban and the items getting removed. (only TNT dupers are allowed)
Bug abuse is defined as intentionally using a bug or glitch in any way, shape, or form. Bugs can be reported here:
Knowingly working with/having someone abuse a bug or dupe for you may also result in a punishment.

Punishment track: 10 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

6 - Threats / Impersonation

Threats are any sort of language used with the intent of threatening another player with real-life actions such as assault, DDoS, or doxxing. Death/disease wishes and suicide encouragement falls under this rule.
Impersonation is an attempt to trick other players into believing you are someone else. 

Punishment track: 3 day mute → 14 day mute → 45 day mute → Permanent mute


7 - Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate, vulgar, obscene or otherwise questionable comments and media isn’t allowed on the server.
Sexually explicit material (video, photography, creative writing) presents sexual content without deliberately obscuring or censoring it, although we allow swearing, politics, religious expression, we draw the line with sexualizing chat.

Punishment track: 3 day mute → 10 day mute → 30 day mute → Permanent mute


8 - Scamming

Scamming is falsely advertising, taking advantage of trust in an attempt to cheat a player out of their valuables. Banking can take form in banks, investment schemes, or any other schemes that store valuables for another player.

Punishment track: 10 day ban → 30 day ban → Permanent ban

9 - Punishment Evading

Punishment evasion is bypassing or circumventing punishment. Evading a punishment will result in the same punishment being applied to both accounts. This may also result in your punishment being extended. Mute evasions with signs and blocks are also a punishable offence.

Punishment track: Both Accounts receive the previous ban/mute length, plus 3 days → Permanent Ban

10 - Leaderboard Farming

Using alternative accounts to farm leaderboard statistics is not allowed. Building Afk machines to increase deaths or blocks broken/placed are also not allowed. (There Is Only 1 exception, Afk concrete hardening machines)

Punishment track: Permanent leaderboard ban + warning

We reserve the right to change our rules at any time and under special circumstances, the moderation team may issue bans or mutes at their own discretion.

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