Massive October Overhaul
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     ✌ Hello,

  Its been a while but we are here to announce that we have a new Server update for you! This update contains multiple new warps, events, and villagers. We have also updated Voting, Community Farms, Link Commands, and Chat Events! Below I have described everything we have added, and their purpose. This post will be open to replies for 72 hours, please leave any feedback on this update within 3 days.

     ❀ Spawn Renovation ❀ 

  The main Community Farm has been redesigned for easier crop access as well, as have added two new crops vines, and kelp.

  We have rebuilt the community mob farm to be more spaced out, as well as adding a tunnel.

  New passive mob farm on the right of the colosseum



     ★ Vote Based Giveaway ★

  We are hosting our second giveaway! There will be three winners

  Each user will get to pick one of these prizes.

  Available Prizes:

   ■ +21 Votes To Total Vote Count.

   ■ Supporter Rank. (Or Supporter -> Contributor)

   ■ 1 Month Discord Nitro.

   ■ Full Unbreakable Iron Tool Set.


   To help show the new Voting Update, and Vote Streaks this giveaway will be based on your votes in October!

   To enter the giveaway you must reach 85/93+ votes this month. Good Luck!


     ✦ Voting Update ✦

  We have updated all voting messages, including Rankup Message, Vote Message, Vote Command. We have also

  added a voting streak, and vote steak rewards.

  To get vote streaks you must vote once on each website to start a voting streak, everyday you continue to vote you will get closer to your next reward.

  Available Streaks:

   ■ 21 Vote Streak 

     (7 Days)

   ■ 60 Vote Streak  

     (20 Days)

   ■ 99 Vote Streak  

     (33 Days)

   ■ 150 Vote Streak  

     (50 Days)

   ■ 255 Vote Streak  

     (75 Days)

   ■ 300 Vote Streak  

     (100 Days)


     ★ Other Changes ★

  We have updated the Monthly Spawner to Slime, and the featured leaderboard to Vote Streaks. We have also updated the help menu, replacing almost every head and removing outdated and old features. All known menu bugs have been fixed.

  The color Nickname Menu can also be accessed with /color.

   Other Updates:

   ■ Every Single Link Command Has Been Updated.

   ■ Fixed reminder command issues.

   ■ Tpa Messages Have Been Updated.

   ■ Updated Every Head In Help Menu To Match Ingame Items.

   ■ Added Kelp, And Vines To Community Farm.

   ■ Added Passive Mob Farm.

   ■ Revamped Hostile Mob Farm

   ■ Leaderboard Gui Menu.

   ■ ChatEvent Prizes Menu.

   ■ Removed Ping From Join Message.

   ■ Join Message Under "Menus" Were Commands Not Menus.

   ■ New Vote Menu, Displaying Streaks, And Lucky Votes.

   ■ New Color Menu Inside Help Menu.


  We have added two shops inside the Colosseum, and the General Shop has been expanded.

  We have also updated the monthly shop for October.

  Available Shops:

   ■ Mark | Crop Shop (NEW)

   ■ Zinc | Combat Shop (UPDATED)

   ■ Ethan | General Shop (UPDATED)

   ■ Ringo | Exchange Shop (UPDATED)

   ■ Timmy | Monthly Shop (UPDATED)


  We have revamped all tpa messages to try and make them easy to read.

  Messages were created for a Chat Width of 332px 

  Added new Accept / Deny clickable text


  We have opened 5 new warps today:

  New Available Warps:

   ■ Savanna

   ■ Swamp

   ■ Tundra

   ■ Ocean

   ■ Ice Spikes

  You have had the ability to spawn armorstands with arms before this update but we feel its worth mentioning.

   The new GrandMaster rank rewards have been released in the ranks menu. 

  We have also dealt with all known bugs reported on the forums and multiple unreported cosmetic issues.

  Bugs Fixed:

   ■ PlanetMC + NameMC Broken Commands. [notdone]

   ■ Duplicating Armorstands.

   ■ Dead Spawn Villagers.

   ■ Leaderboard Menu Didt Open Gui Leaderboards. 

   ■ Punishment Messages Not Matching Current Format.

   ■ Unmatching, And Weird Sleeping Messages.

   ■ Breaking Blocks In Others Claims To Win ChatEvent.

   ■ ChatEvent Win Title Color Codes.

   ■ Finished Chat Events Menu, Added Prizes.

   ■ Finished Leaderboards Menu, Added GUI leaderboards.

   ■ Server Starter Guide Was Missing In Visitor Rank.

   ■ Fixed The Final Plugin Issues From 1.16.2 -> 1.16.3.

   ■ Hovering Over Messages In Chat Displayed Your Name In white.

   ■ Disabled Plugin Whispering.

   ■ Random Teleport Past Border To Death.

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9 months ago

love the new warps and farm

9 months ago

mark seems a little op (especially if someone has a crop farm) and people can use the public farm as a way to get free xp bottles
9 months ago

Job well done uni. You really put alot of work into this update!! Thank you!!!

8 months ago

72 Hours have passed so I am locking this thread, if you find any bugs please report them here.

8 months ago