The Big Change
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     ✌️ Hello,

  Today we are launching the first of many new updates. This update contains multiple new events, features, builds, bug fixes, and quality of life changes. We have removed multiple older outdated menus and replaced them with new chat-based notifications, as well as have. 



     ✸ Chat Events ✸

  We have added new Chat Events, these events occur once every 20 minutes and last for 15 minutes. If somebody does not complete the chat event in 15 minutes, the server will stop it and start a different event.


  Available Chat Events:

   ■ Block Race

   ■ Hunt Race

   ■ Craft Race

   ■ Food Race

   ■ Fish Race

   ■ Chat Race

   ■ Scramble Race

   ■ Quiz Race



     ✹ Reminders ✹

  We have added reminders in chat, once every 20 minutes a new reminder will be sent in chat. These reminders can tell you about Voting, Teleporting, Website Rewards, Forums, And Other Important Information.



     ✿ Leaderboard Redesign ✿

  Spawn has a total of six leaderboards, four are displayed inside the castle and the other two are displayed inside the colosseum at spawn. To check your stats for the leaderboards click the stats button in the middle of the build.


     ★ Other Changes ★

  We have finally finished our new spawn. Next time you log in you can walk around our new castle spawn, with a community colosseum where you can use the special crafting tables. Following the spawn trails can lead you to the community farms and monthly spawners.

  Some Rank heads have been removed and replaced with better cosmetics.

  Tpa Messages Have Been Updated.


  Spawn now has five villager shops, 2 of them are new shops

  Available Shops:

   ■ Tools Shop

   ■ Egg Shop

   ■ Exchange Shop

   ■ General Shop (NEW)

   ■ Monthly Shop (NEW)


  Donors and Staff were given new join icons.

  Available Join Icons:

   ■ Normal Users have ✦

   ■ Donors have ✦

   ■ Staff have ✴️


  You can now display items in chat using [i] and [item]. The item in your hand will be displayed in brackets.



  The Warps menu has been updated for a cleaner look, easier access, and we have opened 4 new warps.

  New Available Warps:

   ■ Birch Forest

   ■ Flower Forest

   ■ Desert

   ■ Doral Reef


  We have a new server logo, this has been displayed before the update but we feel its worth mentioning.


  We have added multiple new wakes up messages and reduced the percentage of users required from 50% to 35%.


  The new Alpha rank rewards have been released in the ranks menu. 

This is a repost and does not include any new content at the time of posting.

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im so excited to try out all this new content

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I just want a hug TwT


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