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    ★ Information ★
  Today we are releasing the second build competition information including the theme options, and plot size. The warp will be available on 4/9/21 and registration will end the same day. The last day to build will be 4/27/21, which is a year after the server opened. We will announce th...

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    ✌️ Hello,

  We have not updated the ranks since they were released so we have focused our energy on multiple new donor options as well as revamping the whole rank menu, and giving more lower ranks more permissions. In this update, we have also included a long-awaited chat events update, more custom warps, and bug fixes.

  The rank menu has been completely redesigned, we have r...

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     ✦ Build Competition  ✦

  Yes, it's finally here! After multiple requests for an administrative ran building event, we are happy to announce we will be hosting a public building competition run by Unipotatoo. 

The Refresh
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     ✌ Hello,

  To start off the new year we thought it was appropriate to give the server a nice refresh! We have updated multiple spawn locations making it more accessible and easy to navigate for new users, we have also removed a few useless and unimportant locations inside of spawn. This post will be open to replies for 72 hours, please leave any feedback on this update within 3 days.


     ★ Vote Based Giveaway ★

  We are hosting our third giveaway! There will be three winners

  Each user...